formula to figure date 3 months out and check a box if today is the 3 month date

I'm trying to setup an alert that will go to a Slack channel when a date is reached. I have the following columns in my sheet:

Alpha (checkbox column)

Unscored Date (date column)

3 mths (checkbox column)

I am wanting to check the 3 mths box for a line item if the date from the Unscored Date column is 90 days out.

Here is the formula I have in the 3 mths column and it's not working. I'd like to make this a column formula column (the 3 mths column) so I need to look at blank dates in Unscored Date column as well as those lines that have dates.

=IF(AND(Alpha@row = 0, ISBLANK([Unscored Date]@row), 0)), IF(AND(Alpha@row = 1, [Unscored Date]@row = TODAY()), 1, 0))

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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