How to copy formulas to a column and keep formatting?


I've searched and found a few different answers to this question, however none of them are working. I have the following table in my Smartsheet and when I set it up it had the correct formulas, somehow the formula changed and instead of it looking at the range from row 1 to 388, it was looking at row 346 to 388. I tried correcting this but it won't let me keep the same range for the entire column, it changes and skips to the next, so the first formula row includes the correct range, then the second row will be range 2 to 389, and so on, and so forth. The example below is from someone refreshing the spreadsheet and all the rows that had been moved manually to the top of the sheet, moved back to to the bottom, not sure why that keeps happening, but it causes the formulas to change. This just isn't doing what I expected, and it's frustrating. Please help!


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