Report Row Sorting

I am trying to use reports to reduce the amount of columns and rows I need to handle via the API. Along with this, I would like to have the report also sort the rows, but it seems that when using the API make a Get Report request, the row numbers in the JSON response do not line up with the associated reports row numbers. They do, however, line up with the source sheets row sorting & numbering.

I'm curious if this is a bug or an intentional response.



  • Garrett Henke
    Garrett Henke ✭✭✭✭✭

    My understanding of this is that because a report is essentially a filtered view of the underlying sheet(s) it does not have its own row ID and instead uses the original sheet row ID

  • While this is true, the rowNumber field of the JSON response does change in relation to the report, but does not line up with the source sheet or the report.

    For example, rowNumber 1 in the report response has a cell value of "First", but in the WebApp, rowNumber 1 actually has a cell value of "Third". The source sheets rowNumber for "First" is actually 53.

    It seems that the JSON response for Reports rows is sorted arbitrarily, not matching the report, but sorted by the source sheets current sorting method. The Report Response is also not sorted by rowID either.