How do i count the cells that are greater than my average?


=COUNTIFS([Projected Build Time (Months) (Elliot)]5:[Projected Build Time (Months) (Elliot)]91 > [Projected Build Time (Months) (Elliot)]2)

I recently asked this question but i have since changed some of the details on my sheet and i cant seem to figure out how to get my formula working again? I am trying to count the cells that have a value greater than my average on line 2. Could use some help! thanks

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  • Steven Stikons
    Steven Stikons ✭✭✭
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    Just make this a COUNTIF formula rather than COUNTIFS and also put a comma between the range and criteria.

    See below:

    =COUNTIF([Projected Build Time (Months) (Elliot)]5:[Projected Build Time (Months) (Elliot)]91, > [Projected Build Time (Months) (Elliot)]2)


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