Using a value in a cell as a range name in a formula



I'm trying to use a vlookup function where the lookup_table value is named range in another sheet. Let's call it {Range 1}.

If I type {Range 1} into the formula, it works just fine. But I want to be able to use a string from another cell to populate that information in the formula. For example, the column "Table" in my sheet contains the string {Range 1}. I want to be able to do =vlookup(search_value, Table@row, column_num, [match_type]) to lookup the value. So rather than typing in the value for the lookup_table, I want to get it from a cell value in my worksheet.

I've tried making the value in the cell {Range 1}. I've tried in the formula using "{"+Table@row+"}". But neither works. Again, it works fine if I type in the value {Range 1} in the formula.

Any suggestions?


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