COUNTIFS using Dates and IFERROR


I'm trying to replace some formulas in a summary sheet that I accidentally wiped but I cant seem to get them to work and I know I'm missing something but I'm not sure what. What I'm trying to count is all the dates listed in the year 2020 from another sheet. However, some of the rows in that column are blank. The formula ive created so far that doesn't work is: =COUNTIFS({MAC's Date Added 20}, ISDATE(@cell), IFERROR(YEAR(@cell) = 1, " 1"))

I think that if I can get the first one right and working, I should be able to do the rest which have slightly different parameters such as month or week instead of year.

@Paul Newcome Sorry for tagging you bud but from all the community stuff I've read, you seem to be a wizard at this

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