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I'm trying to create a dashboard or even a simple sheet that will pull data from my main sheet. Essentially I have a master sheet with Merchant info, Sales Person, Payment Status, and Application status(done or 1of 5 other statuses). I want to pull data from my main sheet so it's easier for the Sales team to quickly glance at the sheet to follow up with merchants that doesn't have a completed application. What would be the best formula to use if I want to pull from the main sheet to show the Application status? For example, Merchant A is assigned to Agent A, Payment status-(completed or collecting payment) but pending signature or one of the other selection.. let me know if that makes sense?


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hello @Tam Dinh

    Reports can be used to quickly filter information from a sheet into more focused information and could be an alternative in this case to building a new sheet. Reports can also be pulled into dashboards or embedded (using their URLs) into notifications and sent out on a regular basis. Smartsheet reports are also bi-directional - meaning (depending on user permission) that the user can use the report as a data input device to update rows of information and the original sheet would be updated.

    Does this sound like something that could work for you? If you're not familiar with building reports, I'd be happy to help.


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