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I'm trying to build a heat map to show if a resource is booked more than 5 person days in a week. I have three columns. Person Days, which is numeric based on the named resource. Sprint/Week which is S1-W0 - S1-W3 and the person's name, which is Dawson, Jack. I'm trying to add the person days, by the week they're assigned, but I'm getting an unparseable error. I've tried the name with and without quotes.

I'm sure someone really good at =SUMIFS would be able to see what I'm doing wrong, but I've been trying different combinations for a few hours and can't figure this out.

=SUMIFS([Person Days]1:[Person Days]9,>1,[Sprint/Week]1:[Sprint/Week]9, S1-W0, [Resource Name (if known)]@row = "Dawson, Jack")

Thank you for checking this out for me.


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