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Hi All

I've searched for a solution but again, being so used to just being able to select columns and rows in spreadsheet apps I'm really struggling with creating a line chart which has several columns of data I need to turn into a single visual for my dashboard

I want to show the number of tasks raised by MONTH for each Account (see example below and apologies for the mansplaining of the dimensions/metrics, just trying to avoid confusion)

Month = X Axis

Count of Task = Y Axis

Account = Line (by account)

The Task column isn't all that relevant as I just want a count of tasks by account by month so I can show the trend for each but I genuinely have no idea how to structure the data in Smartsheet to achieve this

I've tried to create another sheet to COUNTIFS the instances but I'd rather it come directly from this sheet so when new instances are added the chart updates automatically

Annnd, I've not yet fully learned how to use summaries to create Dashboard items and don't really know where to begin with that

Again any videos, support and/or guidance would be greatly appreciated




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