I need a formula that looks at two columns and puts the data into the column that is not blank.

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So it will need to look at two columns and put in what is not blank.


  • Assuming that you want the formula to look at "Form Intake Status" and "Edge Case Status" AND there is no preference for one over the other, and then transfer A NON-BLANK value into "Exclusion Status", then a formula to do that is:

    = IF( [Form Intake Status]@row<>"", [Form Intake Status]@row, IF([Edge Case Status]@row<>"", [Edge Case Status]@row, ""))

    EXPLANTION: If [Form Intake Status]@row IS NOT blank, then use that value; ELSE if [Edge Case Status]@row is not blank then use that value, ELSE use blank.

    You'll find a list of Smartsheet functions and helpful information about using them here:

    Hope you found this helpful.


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