I need a formula that looks at two columns and puts the data into the column that is not blank.

So it will need to look at two columns and put in what is not blank.


  • Toufong Vang
    Toufong Vang ✭✭✭✭✭

    Assuming that you want the formula to look at "Form Intake Status" and "Edge Case Status" AND there is no preference for one over the other, and then transfer A NON-BLANK value into "Exclusion Status", then a formula to do that is:

    = IF( [Form Intake Status]@row<>"", [Form Intake Status]@row, IF([Edge Case Status]@row<>"", [Edge Case Status]@row, ""))

    EXPLANTION: If [Form Intake Status]@row IS NOT blank, then use that value; ELSE if [Edge Case Status]@row is not blank then use that value, ELSE use blank.

    You'll find a list of Smartsheet functions and helpful information about using them here:

    Hope you found this helpful.


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