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I am working with a sheet where I have multiple parent child relationships. Some rows are a straight parent child but others will have a grandparent/parent/child. In order to run conditional formatting at the top line but not the parent lines in the grandparent situation, I believe I need a checkbox to run the conditional formatting off of instead of my child count column. I will also need to report statuses based on this top parent line. What formula can I write to autopopulate the check box of the top parent line so that I don't have to manually manage this field?

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  • John Pudar
    John Pudar ✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @Emily McNeeley,

    I'd recommend creating a new column and adding this as a column formula:

    =COUNT(ANCESTORS([Primary Column]@row))

    Each true parent row will return a zero in the new column, and you can then run conditional formatting or other calculations based on that zero.


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