Task Completion and Harvey ball and graph


I could use some help on a couple things, that are all related.

End goal: a bar graph that shows the status of certain tasks of each sheet.

1st step: Upon entry of date completed or status change to complete, the ball turns green. Any others that are not started are gray. I really don't want every task, just specific ones.

2nd step: Be able to populate a bar graph, of each sheet, and each specific step and the color of the bubble.

Do I even need to use a bubble? Is there a better way to show this? I'm a visual person and would rather see a graph of what steps have yet to be and are completed.

Thank you!


  • Garrett Henke
    Garrett Henke ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Chelsea Duncan Unfortunately I do not believe you will be able to accomplish what you are trying to do, if i correctly understand your end goal. Because you are only tracking certain tasks on certain sheets there is no way to reconcile the data in a way that is streamlined and consistent.

    Also a bar graph is designed to compare items between different groups over time. Therefore if you are tracking if a status is complete/incomplete a bar graph is not the best visual representation.

    I would suggest tracking all tasks and using children formulas in the parent row to track the overall status of the project sheet. You can then roll all of the projects into a single dashboard with Harvey balls to show the individual projects health. A bar graph would be useful to track the status of multiple projects health. For example counts of how many projects are at risk, on track, and completed.

  • I am currently doing what you suggested, but I was trying to find a way to visually show progress. thank you for your reply!

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