How to Return Values from another sheet in deliminated format?

Hi Smartsheet community,

I want to be able to return values in Sheet 2 in deliminated format. I have attached the diagram for reference.

Please suggest the appropriate function or way to get the output?




  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Binika Chunara

    You can use a JOIN(COLLECT formula to collect together the different values in one cell. However the tricky part will be defining the Names that you're looking to bring the Cost back from. Do you have a way of identifying the "group" of Names in both sheets?

    For example, if you have an identifier that tells you that you want A, B, C, and D together, you can use this as criteria in your COLLECT function.

    In my example, I have a group identifier saying "Group 1" or "Group 2" to show what letters to collect in the "Name" of Sheet 2, and then what Cost to collect in the corresponding cell. Does that make sense?

    To help further, it would be helpful to see screen captures of your actual data, but please block out sensitive information.



  • Thanks for your help Genevieve P. This helps :)

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