Update Status & Have % Complete Auto Update


If I update the project status to either not started, ongoing, or complete, how can I get the % complete to automatically update to 0% (not started), 50% ongoing, and 100% complete?


  • Alexander Orsini

    Hi @Alexandra Falticeni, it would be great if we could directly use a formula for this but I found that the % Complete column turns a formula into a text string. So I use automation. When Status changes to any value, use conditional path in the automation to create one path for Complete (the action from this is to set % Complete to 100), another path for Ongoing (set % Complete to 50), and the final is "Otherwise" (set % Complete to 0, this way if a status is blank or not one of your options you don't end up marking it 100% complete by accident).

    I also recommend you create a workflow to set Status to Complete if % Complete is 100%. This will automate setting higher level tasks to Complete when the rollup of % Complete for subtasks results in the top level being 100%.

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