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Hello Smartsheet community!

I have a column where I insert a week number as a start week for a project and then I use it to map activities by week. Currently, I start the column with the first week of the project and then fill/drag it down to fill the column in order to feed into dashboards. My problem is that I have projects that start mid-year/month, e.g. Week 20. I have to fill 20, 21, 22 - 52 then restart my sequence 1, 2, 3...-19. Is there a way to create a +1 or another loop so I can insert a single starting week and then have it fill to 52 and then start back at 1?

Easy +1 option that works but doesn't reset at 52. =[Calendar Week (1-52)]52 + 1

Does anyone have any good tips or ideas for a weeknumber +1 that will loop back to 1 after 52?

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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