CountIF Not Working From Referenced Sheet

edited 07/29/21 in Formulas and Functions

I am attempting to do a count of all issues that contain a certain text from a different smartsheet, and the formula is not pulling the correct count in.

My formula:  =COUNTIF({C&IP Integrated Marketing Plan Range 1}, "C&IP - Corporate Growth - Organic Growth")

My result: returns 0

Expected result: should return at least 5 values

I'm totally lost here ... what's am I doing wrong?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Ellie

    It looks like the text you have in your formula uses a different length of dash than the text in your multi-select drop-down. See that in the dropdown there's a longer dash between "Growth — Organic" versus in your formula: "Growth - Organic"

    I would recommend opening up the Column Properties and copying the exact text for that value for your formula. This will ensure the dashes are the same length!

    You may also want to put the criteria in a HAS function, to identify it's ONE option in a Multi-Select column. This will look for the option even if it's selected among other choices, does that make sense?

    =COUNTIF({C&IP Integrated Marketing Plan Range 1}, HAS(@cell, "C&IP - Corporate Growth — Organic Growth"))



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