Changing currency on a column where the "if" formula has been used.


I am making a sheet where I use an "if" formula:

=IF([Responsible]@row = "Anders Larsen"; [Total Amount]@row; "") + IF([Responsible no.2]@row = "Anders Larsen"; [Total Amount]@row; "")

This Gives me number, however I am unable to change that number into a currency. why is that, and/or how can I fix it?


I am aware that I could use the "sumifs" formula. however, it is very important that there aren't any false values (by false I mean values = 0), and "sumif" automatically writes in 0 when the criteria's aren't met. That is why the "if" ends with "", so it remains blank if it isn't above zero.

thank you in advance.

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  • Andrée Starå
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    @Frederik Soerensen

    Glad we got it working! (Me & Bassam)

    Here's the formula for everyone.

    =IF(VALUE(IF([Project PTA]@row = "Anders Larsen", [Total Amount]@row, "") + 
    IF([Project PTA Secondary]@row = "Anders Larsen", [Total Amount]@row, "")) = 0, "", 
    VALUE(IF([Project PTA]@row = "Anders Larsen", [Total Amount]@row, "") + 
    IF([Project PTA Secondary]@row = "Anders Larsen", [Total Amount]@row, "")))

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