Change cell value not working

Hi Everyone,

I have tried several times on a particular sheet the change cell value to automate % percentage, but the cell remains blank even after trigger. I do not know what I am not doing correctly.

The status has drop down list of Not started, Cancelled, In progress and Completed. I want 'Not started' = 0% 'Cancelled' = 0%, In progress = 50% , Completed = 100%

Perhaps if anyone could help with a formula instead.

Thanks in anticipation!!


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  • Abiola
    Abiola ✭✭
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    Hi Everyone,

    The auto change cell value works. Apparently, the status were already filled before I set the workflow. All I did was to cut the filled status, saved the sheet and then re-paste the status. The auto populate appeared after saving the sheet again.




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