Is there a way to link Nintex Form to Smartsheet?

Trying to edit information on a sheet. I had created a Form but then found out that Forms cannot edit information on create new entries.

Smartsheet SME is trying to help me with a formula that can help me edit information on my sheet. But the formula is not working.

Can anyone give me step by step on how to add a formula and connect it to another sheet.

This is the formula: =INDEX(COLLECT({Supplier Name}, {Date}, MAX(COLLECT({Date}, {ID}, ID@row, {Date}, <>"")), {ID}, ID@row), 1). But I really don't understand how to reference the other sheet. I either get #invalid value or #Incorrect Argument Set.

I have a deadline for Thursday and I need help figuring this out.


  • Hey @Theresa Aguilar,

    I recommend reviewing our Help Article: Formulas: Reference Data from Other Sheets for instructions on creating Cross Sheet References.

    Also, please review our Causes and Resolutions for the Formula Errors being returned: #INVALID VALUE and #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET.

    Based on the Formula you have provided, I've created the example below in order to break it down for your reference:

    Sheet A:

    Sheet B:

    Formula (Highest Priced Fruit): =INDEX(COLLECT({Food}, {Fruit/Vegetable}, "Fruit", {Price}, MAX(COLLECT({Price}, {Fruit/Vegetable}, "Fruit"))), 1)

    Formula (Highest Priced Vegetable): =INDEX(COLLECT({Food}, {Fruit/Vegetable}, "Vegetable", {Price}, MAX(COLLECT({Price}, {Fruit/Vegetable}, "Vegetable"))), 1)

    • We are using the INDEX Function to return a value within the Food Column.
    • The COLLECT Function is collecting specific values within the Food Column based on if it is a Fruit or Vegetable and if it has the highest price

    I hope this helps!


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