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I have two sheets that I am trying to connect and am unsure of how to approach. I am a newbie to formulas and would love to learn what is possible!

One sheet is a content tracker where my team will track unique selection titles. This unique title will also appear in my source sheet, where a status column will be updated as it moves through an approval process. I would like for the status to update in the content tracker as it changes.

The source tracker also houses additional row data (not tracked on the content tracker sheet) that might make cell linking difficult. Additionally, due to formatting requirements in my source sheet, I am unable to setup a VLOOKUP formula, because the lookup value (text selection title) will be to the right of my returned value (status). Wondering if an INDEX/MATCH or COLLECT formula would be a better fit, but am not as familiar with how to set up. Any advice would be so appreciated!

Some screenshots that may be helpful:

Content tracker where title is populated. Status column should pull in current status from Source sheet.

Source sheet with status column to the left of the text selection column. Columns must remain in this order. Status values update via a dropdown menu.

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