Is there a way to strip the date portion off a system generated 'create date' field?

I have a column on the Smartsheet for 'Created Date' which is auto-populated when the row is created. I would like to gather just the fate portion of the date/time generated to display in a 2nd column. The point is to be able to search the 2nd column and group by date.

The system created date column is called "Created"

The syntax I am trying in the 2nd column is: =DATEONLY([Created]@row) to gather the date from the created column on the same row.


I have tried to replace the "@row" portion with the row number and get the same message.

Am I using the correct syntax?


  • Darren Mullen
    Darren Mullen ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    No need for a formula. Just create another date column and set it equal to the created column. Note that the created date column is saved as server time but displayed as local time. Therefore, the date you see in the second column may be off by a day because of your time zone vs server time which is in UTC . See this video explaining how you can adjust for that if needed. Also, are you not able to search and group by date using the created column? I thought you could.... but I haven't tried that in a while :) . I do a lot of what is explained in the video below because of my timezone being a bit different than UTC so my formulas evaluate the created date column as the wrong day (for my timezone).

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