Vlookup is not returning value


I am having trouble getting my VLOOKUP formula to find a match on the sheet I am doing the lookup on. I have used this formula on other sheets with no issue, so I am stumped why this is now not working.

I am getting #NOMATCH returns when there is in fact a matching value on the referenced page.

This is formula I am using

=VLOOKUP(Store@row, {Project Name 1}, 4, false)

Search value - Store@row is the first column in both sheets and contains the same list of 4 digit numbers

LookUp table - When I choose "reference another sheet", I click that to open the other sheet where my data is and highlight the first 4 columns. Column 4 is my value to return.

I want an exact match.

No matter what I do, I continue to get #NOMATCH.


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