COUNTIFS isn't working


I am trying to count all the number of 0s within a column. I am using this formula

=COUNTIFS([Warranty Remaining]:[Warranty Remaining], 0)

but it does not work. What is weird is that, I changed the formula from [Warranty Remaining] to count a specific number in the [Warranty Obligations] column and it worked fine. I've even changed the name of the column the formula is in and I only get 0 instead of the accurate 0s in the column. The column has many 0,1,2,3,4,5,6 and I just want to count the 0s.

Thanks in advance


  • Jason Albrecht
    Jason Albrecht ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Potentially a silly question, but are the zero's really zero's and not 0.000123 as an example?

    Would the formula work if it was looking for numbers less than 1 ?

    Hope this helps and that you have a great day,


  • Yes the 0s are 0s however, the following formula is in the column providing the data for the COUNTIFS column.

    =IF([Warranty Expiration Date]@row > TODAY(), NETDAYS(TODAY(), [Warranty Expiration Date]@row) / 365, IF([Warranty Expiration Date]@row < TODAY(), "0"))

    I don't believe this is an issue because both formulas are playing well with each other in two other columns.

  • Jason Albrecht
    Jason Albrecht ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    So, I'm wondering if the inverted commas around the 0 is converting the number to a text?

    What happens if

    • your count ifs formula looks for "0" instead of 0 ? or
    • your Warranty Expiration Date inserts a 0 instead of "0" ?

    Hope this helps and that you have a great day,


  • Hi Jason,

    I've tried the formula both ways, both with and without the commas to no avail.

  • I got it working. It turns out is was the commas in the formula supplying the data causing the problem.

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