Hi, I have a sheet that is keeping track of all employees that have been placed in a special assignment; the trick is that if an employee held the same assignment in the past, I need to have a box checked so we can look at their duty statement from that assignment. So, basically if the person is in my smartsheet (cell is named - applicant/candidate name) and has an active assignment cell named TA TYPE is not blank, I would like a box to be checked on that row. Any suggestions?

Thank you!


  • Kelly Moore
    Kelly Moore ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hey @DHR Temp Assignment Team

    When you say the employee in your smartsheet - do you mean they match another list, that the [applicant/candidate name] field is not blank, or that the count of their name in the list is greater than one?

    I believe you're looking for an AND statement with the blank [TA TYPE]@row and the answer to my question in the first paragraph. If, for example, you're looking for non blank cell in both columns, the formula would look like this

    =IF(AND([applicant/candidate name]@row<>"", [TA TYPE]@row<>""), 1)

    Is this on track for what you need? If you can clarify the employee data, we can build the formula you need.

  • Hi Kelly, that worked perfectly! I now wonder if it is possible to write a code that if that box is checked AND the same applicant is selected (Eligibility Req Date) for the same classification (ie.., job code) a alert will be sent to the analyst to check a regulation).

    so John was hired and the check box has a check

    John applied again for the SAME job (this field is class code) and is being requested to work the same job again (field is eligibility) -

    an alert needs to be sent to the eligibility analyst to have them double check the regulation

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