Vlookup or Index Match look up help


I feel like this is an easy question, but I have been struggling to find the answer in a way I can understand.

Basically, I need to use a vlook up or index/match based on 1 cell and have it return a list.

Screenshot attached for reference. I have one document that has the data and certain columns have formulas to flag certain things. Another sheet will feed into a dashboard and I need to make it easy for someone to flip between what they are looking for.

For example.. they will need to see a list of all of the cells in the primary column that has the word "New-2" or "New-1" in a corresponding column. Does that make sense?

A filter option will not work as this needs to populate on a separate grid which will feed into a dashboard.

@Ben Goldblatt @Andrée Starå


  • Curious, wouldn't it be better to create a report that has the fields and filter looking for field New-1 = "New-1" AND field New-2 = "New-2"? You could then easily display the report on the dashboard.

  • Buhler
    Buhler ✭✭

    I can go ahead and try using the report feature however I would very much like to see about a list being made as I do need some of the data numbers and from my understanding reports don't work as well to make graphs for dashboards?

    But I will give the report feature a try and see if that can solve half of my dilemma. :-)

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