I am wanting to use RGB dots for elapsed time

I am wanting to see if there is a way to utilize the RGB dots to represent elapsed time when a status drop down is changed.

Would like GREEN if less than 24 hrs

Yellow if over 24 hours but less than 48hrs

Red if over 48 hours.

Is this possible in SmartSheet?


  • Jaykel Torres
    Jaykel Torres Employee
    edited 08/19/21

    Hey @Savvy2009,

    You can use a combination of the IF and AND Functions to evaluate numerical data then return a specific value that represent a RGB Symbols. I've created the example below for your reference:

    Formula: =IF([Time (hours)]@row < 24, "Green", IF(AND([Time (hours)]@row > 24, [Time (hours)]@row < 48), "Yellow", IF([Time (hours)]@row > 48, "Red")))

    • We are nesting the IF functions together so we can evaluate each criteria separately then return a corresponding RGB Color
    • Note that we use the AND Function to set a constraint between 24 and 48 hours

    I believe you may also be attempting to calculate "elapsed time" after a specific change has been made. There is no direct feature that can perform this, but I've linked relevant community posts that may be able to inspire you when creating a solution: https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/68149/can-you-calculate-time-in-smartsheet

    I hope this helps!


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