Need help with formula.


I am not familiar with how to use formula in Smartsheet as much as in excel. What i need below is to get the count for Submeter AMR or Submeter Manual for Billing Specialist with the name of Arlene.

If i use excel, this is the formula i use to get the result i need :-

=COUNTIF(F:F,"Arlene")&"-"&COUNTIF(W:W,"submeter AMR")&"-"&COUNTIF(Y:Y,"Submeter Manual")

I did try this :-

=COUNTIF([Billing Specialist]:[Billing Specialist], "Arlene")& "-"& COUNTIF([Billing Method(s)]:[Billing Method(s)], "Submeter AMR")& "-"& COUNTIF([Billing Method(s)]:[Billing Method(s)], "Submeter Manual")))

Result I got is #UNPARSEABLE.

Could you please help?

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