Bulk create Sheet from template through smartsheet API

edited 08/23/21 in API & Developers


I've currently been facing an issue regarding the Smartsheet API, a quick breakdown of what i'm trying to do, I require to create 900+ sheets that will all have the same layout (a template is available for that)

After skimming through the API discovered the feature of creating sheets based on a template, problem is, they are no help/documentation on how to apply bulk process on it (was wondering what would be the best option to bulk it, grab the data from a .txt file and/or .Csv files for the names) since only variable (the name) requires constant name

And also how to prevent ratelimit from the API (From what i've read, we are allowed to 300 operation/min until ratelimit occurs)

Is there any ressource out there, that can talk about bulk processing actions on the smartsheet API ?

Thanks in Advance