Time Sheet Formulas


With the help of this community and @Paul Newcome and @Andrée Starå I have created a weekly time sheet for my employees, that can display the day of the week given a date and calculate the hours worked in a day given in, out and lunch break times. The formulas work great! However, I have an automation set up that moves rows at the end of the week making the time sheet a new sheet each week. I do this because I have dashboards set up so that just the current weeks' time is displayed for the employee to know how many hours they have worked for the week. My issue is, the formulas that work great, do not save to the cleared out sheet. I have tried embedding them as a hidden field in forms and I have tried creating a workflow using new cell value and both put an apostrophe (') at the beginning of the formula making it not function correctly.

I have 30 employees and to go in each week and re-enter these formulas would be too time consuming. Is there another way to accomplish this?

Thanks for the help!


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