Better formula method of tracking statistics by row - it clutters up the sheet too much.

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We have a sheet that tracks assets and the process of their development. We also have a report that shows how many assets and associated tasks are coming up in the next 8 weeks (by week) for allocating resources.

I have added numerous columns that calculate (based on dates) when the asset is due and how many tasks associated with the asset are due in the coming weeks. Here's an example:

For each row I look to see if there are Tasks or Assets that are still due and what week it's due (this is the formula for tasks due 5 weeks out):

=COUNTIFS([Calc if Done]@row, =0, [End Date]@row, AND(@cell > TODAY(+28), @cell <= TODAY(+35)))

At the Parent row and the top row I sum these calculations for reporting. I also use Summary fields to total some cells.

This all works fine. Here's my question:

All of these columns I use to calculate whether a task or asset is still due and what week into the future it will be due really clutters up the sheet. I know I can hide columns but it's still pretty messy. Is there a better way to track this information without having all these columns in the sheet?

Is there a way to ONLY use Summary fields that I haven't found?

Here's a shot of the sheet for perspective:



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