I need help with a formula

I am working on my {main sheet} and referencing a sheet named {tracking}

I am trying to return a value of a cell if the "dates" match and the "names" match in my {main sheet} and my {tracking sheet}, it should return a value from the {tracking sheet}.

Does anyone understand this?

Thank you,


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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @Dakota

    It looks like this is missing a range... I can't quite tell what your ranges are based on the name, but this would be the structure of an INDEX(COLLECT:

    =INDEX(COLLECT({Value To Return}, {Column 1}, [Value 1]@row, {Column 2}, [Value 2]@row), 1)

    So in your instance, we're either missing the column range that goes along with matching [Hidden Team:]@row, or we're missing the column to pull back information from.

    =INDEX(COLLECT({Value To Return}, {Team Column}, [Hidden Team:]@row, {Date Column}, [Form Due Date:]@row), 1)

    Does that help?



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