How to stop a formula once a date has passed.

I have this formula:

=IF([Hidden Team:]@row = "ALBQ", {[Rosters] 2021 CC Team Range 1})

The info my formula is pulling is date sensitive, and the info will change over time.

Once a date in the row is reached I do not want the formula to perform anymore. I need to freeze the value that was returned once a date in the row is reached.

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    You can create a second column that records the information of the first column as follows:

    You'd need to create a second sheet, then on the first sheet create a formula when date reached move to second sheet,

    on the second sheet create a new column "Column 2 Copy",

    Create formula on sheet 2 in this new "Column 2 Copy" eneter: =[Column 1] (Convert to column formula)

    Create formula on sheet 2 when row are added, move to sheet 1,

    this way the info. will be kept in "Column 2 Copy".

    as you can't change a column hiperlink per row, if it is set to "Convert to column".

    Did that help?

    Thank you!πŸ˜€


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