Manpower Counts by Date


Hi! I have a construction schedule with the following column names: task, start date, end date, duration, assigned to, manpower. The "assigned to" column is different subcontractors such as "sheet metal subcontractor", "piping subcontractor" etc. My schedule is about 1500 lines long with lots of concurrent activities. My goal is to have a sheet for each "assigned to" subcontractor that sums manpower for each day of the project so I can forecast manpower. For this data, I have a new sheet called "sheet metal subcontractor manpower" with 2 columns: Date and Manpower Count. The manpower count is where I am having issues with the formula. My formula is below. Please help and thank you so much! Please let me know if there are any questions. I've added a PDF of my schedule below and a snip from the sheet I'm trying to pull the data into.

=SUMIFS({Monarch Schedule Range 1}manpower:manpower,[Start Date]@row:[End Date]@row,{Monarch Schedule Range 1}Sheet Metal Subcontractor,{Monarch Schedule Range 1}>0)


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