COUNTIF Wildcard Substitution

I am trying to use contains and it isn't working. I am trying to look up from a row in one sheet to count from another sheet here is the formula: =COUNTIF({SMARTRECRUITER, Merkle Range 3}, Recruiter@row)

This works but is a value of 7 and not 8. It is missing some as the value in "Recruiter@row" is in the range but is with other names as well. Recuriter@row is a name of a person but in my range it might say John Smith, Jared Holton. I tried doing this:

=COUNTIF({SMARTRECRUITER, Merkle Range 3}, CONTAINS(Recruiter@row, {SMARTRECRUITER, Merkle Range 3}))

But that brings a value of 0. What can I use in place of the wildcard?

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