Trying to enter a formula in a field of a parent row that will count children w/specific values

Hi all,

Fairly new to smartsheet and I am trying to set up a formula in a parent row with a single select drop down column "Status" that will count the children that show one of three specific values in the column:

So if the cell drop down choices in the Status column are:







I want the cell in the parent row to count the children rows that have a value of either Submitted, Interviewed or Offered.

I have tried multiple combinations of the COUNTIF, COUNTIFS, CHILDREN functions but can only get it to count one status correctly. Whenever I try to tell it to count more than one I get #unparseable.

Can anyone assist?



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  • Melissa Manzanera
    Answer ✓

    Hi Emily,

    This is the formula I came up with, I placed it in the Blue Cell:

    =COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), "Submitted") + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), "Interviewed") + COUNTIF(CHILDREN(), "Offered")

    Let me know if this is helpful,



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