how to count unchecked boxes from several columns

Tammi C
Tammi C ✭✭
edited 09/03/21 in Formulas and Functions

I want to count all the unchecked boxes in a row. get an error from this:

=OR(COUNTIF([Reviewed/ No Edits]@row, 0, COUNTIF([Reviewed/ Edits]@row, 0, COUNTIF([Edits Submitted to GIS]@row, 0, COUNTIF([Edits Reviewed]@row, 0, COUNTIF([Zone Approved]@row, 0, COUNTIF([EVAC Status Updated = Approved]@row, COUNTIF([Summary Complete]@row, 0, COUNTIF([Description Complete]@row, 0)))))))))

Is my OR in wrong place?


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