Populating Smartsheet Containing Approval Workflows with Multiple Excel Reports



I am looking to use Smartsheet for an intake request that would then get pulled into Alteryx to produce a report (this part I have down using the Live Data Connector).

Next, I need to write that report that is created using Alteryx back into Smartsheet so I can have a workflow for approvals. Each time a report is ran based on a new intake I need a new feed to go back into the Smartsheet with the workflow that contains the workflow with the approvals.

Finally, I would have 2 Smartsheet's the first sheet will have intake data asking for information about X. Using Alteryx, I will pull the Smartsheet data containing X and pulling in the SQL database data in Alteryx on X to make a report showing some additional related data on X. The second sheet will have the data in the report with automations set up in the Smartsheet to go to different folks in the company based on the location data associated to X.

1.      Can I automatically pull excel data from various reports into 1 Smartsheet that is used to house the automations for approvals? I know you can use data shuttle to drag and drop report data to refresh the contents in a Smartsheet what I want would be similar, but I need a work around, so I don’t need to pay for data shuttle.

2.      Can I automatically import excel data into an existing Smartsheet? Or is the import limited to creating a new grid each time requiring me to set up the automations again or move that data from one new grid to the existing grid that has my automations set up.