When setting up cell links, is there a way to not have to set each one up one by one?

I am using a master log for incoming service requests. Once marked "logged" and saved, the row is copied to a 2nd sheet for me to use as my task list. I want any status updates on my identical 2nd sheet to be reflected back on the master log. I can only see a way to do it one by one as new rows are copied over. Any suggestions to do it more rapidly?


  • Lidiya S.
    Lidiya S. ✭✭✭


    You might be able to use a formula to lookup the service request in your task list and return the status to the master log. Does each log have a unique ID? Or some other way of looking it up in your task list?

    You would do a VLOOKUP, the search value would be the ID@row, the look up range would be the ID column all the way to the status column in your task list, column number would be whichever column your status is in the task list.

    You would want to make it a column formula if you want to avoid having to copy the formula for each new incoming service request. You can also pair this with an IF statement - this way once the service request status on your task list is complete, the master log will show "Complete" even if you remove the request from your task list.

    Hope this helps!


    Lidiya Shutaya

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