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I need to write a formula that will allow me to parse out a specific number or % (in this case 100%) in a column group of %s and then divide the sum of all those 100%s by the total number of %s such that I get a % of the total number of 100% for that group. IOW, say there are two 100% in my column of 5 total %s...the other three being 45%, 32%, and 3%. I need to show in the cell I place this formula into that there are 2 cells with 100% and then divide that 2 by the total number of cells with %s in them (5 in this case) such that the resultant is 20%. Does that make sense? I'm new to writing formulas in SmartSheet.

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  • Sujith S Menon
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    =SUMIF([Primary Column]2:[Primary Column]7, 1) / COUNTIF([Primary Column]2:[Primary Column]7, [Primary Column]@row)

    The problem with smartsheet is that it takes % values as pure numbers. So once you get the value from the formula, you can convert to %.

    Hope it helps!!


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