Python SDK - 'Field "null" was of unexpected type' when creating a webhook

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I'm trying to create a webhook using the smartsheet-python-sdk (2.105.1):

webhook = Smartsheet.models.webhook.Webhook(
        "name": "[redacted]",
        "callbackUrl": "[redacted]",
        "scope": "sheet",
        "events": ["[*.*]"],
        "version": 1


I'm getting the following error, however:

  "result": {
    "code": 1008,
    "errorCode": 1008,
    "message": "Unable to parse request. The following error occurred: Field \"null\" was of unexpected type.",
    "name": "ApiError",
    "recommendation": "Do not retry without fixing the problem. ",
    "refId": "1dba9ihewshe0",
    "shouldRetry": false,
    "statusCode": 400

Can someone fill me in on what I'm doing wrong here?


  • I figured it out:

    "events": ["[*.*]"],

    should be:

    "events": ["*.*"],

    Obviously, this is entirely my fault, but the error message could be a little more informative.

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