Nested MAX formula


Is there a way to use the MAX formula to look at a created column and check a box for the last entry of each day? I'm having no trouble getting the MAX to work for the full sheet, but it's not working for each day. I'm looking at the created date column and trying to return a checkbox from another column that is checked. I have tried several different options and cannot get it to work.


  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    In looking at this I found the following note in the MAX reference description:

    Usage Notes

    • When referencing dates, you must use MAX in a Date column. See Column Types for more information on Date columns.

    It appears that to get the MAX date you have to return that date in a column whose type is also Date. To do this you might want to add a summary column at the top of your sheet and run your MAX formula in the DATE column to show the MAX date in in the first cell. Then you could use the checkbox column to reference that cell and check the check box if the @row date matches the MAX date.

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