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I have a function that turns a cell with a name into an email address for supervisors. However, some supervisors are in training and have an abbreviation at the end of their name, is there a way to come to the same email result? The cell text would be

First Last (T1)

(number after T is different for each person)

=IFERROR(LEFT(Supervisor@row, FIND(" ", Supervisor@row) - 1) + "." + RIGHT(Supervisor@row, (LEN(Supervisor@row) - FIND(" ", Supervisor@row))) + "", "")


  • Krissia B.
    Krissia B. Moderator

    Hello @Desertbird

    Thank you for your post! Upon reviewing & testing, I recommend using the formula below:

    • =SUBSTITUTE(Supervisor@row, " ", ".") + ""

    I had thought that instead of picking out each word, you could use the SUBSTITUTE function to replace all the " " with "."

    See my screenshot below.

    Hope this helps!



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