Multisheet dependencies


Hello! I am working on multiple projects for a single client, but need them to communicate with each other so no two tasks are assigned to the client at the same time. I understand there is a manual way to create dependencies between sheets/projects, but is there a simpler function I could apply? Something like "If X resource assigned tasks on same date, stagger dates, prioritizing Y sheet" or something to that effect. Does this make sense?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Kika

    No, there currently isn't a way to configure dependencies across multiple sheets as you've described. Please provide your feedback to our Product team by filling in this form, here!

    I would suggest having one master Project Plan sheet that contains all projects for that client instead. Then if you have a column which labels each row for what Project it's associated with, you can create multiple Reports looking at that master sheet to split it up into many separate "sheets".

    Or as an alternative you could apply a Filter on the master sheet to break it down. This would also allow you to filter by Resource/person to check their specific schedule across all projects.



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