Concern with sum formula


Hello ,

Can you help me find out a formula in the " Cumulative Amount to Date " column , whose the result is the sum of data of another column from the first row to the row with the same number ?

Thanks in advance .


  • Sameer Karkhanis
    Sameer Karkhanis ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Assuming that you are looking for the value/result in the dark green cell in your screenshot above here is what may work,

    =INDEX([Cumulative Amount to Date]:[Cumulative Amount to Date], COUNT([Cost / (Credit)]:[Cost / (Credit)])-1)

    (For above to work you should not have any blank values in the Cost / (Credit) column between your first (aka row 2) and last row. In case there is no cost then default to 0 value)


    Hi @Sameer Karkhanis thanks for your assistance . I will try tomorrow and I let you know .


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