Workflow: Alert someone when a date is reached


I want to set up an automatic workflow in order to receive an alert when a date is reached.

The trigger will be: when a date is reached, run once on, date field "6" (column 6)

Alert someone: send to contacts in a cell "2"

Let's say that:

- In row 1, column 6, I'll put tomorrow as the deadline (02/10/21).

- In row 1, column 2, I’ll put contact A

- In rows 2 and 3, column 2, I’ll put contact B

- In row, column 2, I’ll put contact C

My question is: Who will receive the alert tomorrow? 

Contact A only? In other words, only the contact where we have a deadline set up?

Or all contacts in column 2?

Thanks for your help!

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