Trailing 12 weeks/months style report

I'm looking to create sheet that will roll up data for a trailing time period. I can collect the data easily enough, but of course, the data changes over time. Is there a way to collect the data, then freeze it and collect new data in a new cell? I don't have a problem pre-building the sheet with all of the future dates, but I don't know how to freeze the collected data.


On Friday, Oct 1, outstanding revenue is $100,000. On Friday, Oct 8, it is $87,000

I would want my report to have 2 columns, one for Oct 1 and the Other for Oct 8 with those amounts in a row labeled "Outstanding Revenue".

I currently do not have access to Pivot, Data Mesh, Control Center, or 10,000 ft, but please feel free to indicate of one of these modules is necessary for this type of functionality.

Thank you

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