Tracking Planned Start / Finish Dates vs. Actual / Current


I am in my first month with a company that has some existing templates to track schedules.

The template sheet is set up so that when creating a new sheet from the template I plug in an end date and it calculates back to the start date of the first milestone. There is an additional column for "Current Finish", see below;

As we click off the milestones as done we enter the date they were done in "Current Finish". So the Star / Finish columns are the baseline. The Start / Finish daters use predecessors so I can allow for weekends. The Current Finish uses formulas so there is no reasonable way to allow for weekends. Thus teammates may get Saturday dates for example for their milestones.

Can anyone think of a better way to capture Current / Actual dates without using the sub-optimal formula I have now?


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