How do I use OR function in a COUNTIFS?



I am currently trying to use a COUNTIFS function to see how many projects are in a specific phase of development, but I only want to count those projects which are under the "Iceland" or "Iceland Foods Ltd - Retail" account to get a total view of the account.

This is currently the formula I have:

=COUNTIFS({NPD Tracker (Asia) Range 1}, [Column2]@row, {NPD Tracker (Asia) Range 2}, "iceland", {NPD Tracker (Asia) Range 2}, "Iceland Foods Ltd - Retail Account")

I can see that this is counting the projects which meet both criteria, i.e. the number of projects listed under both accounts (which is incorrect and impossible). Here my question:

How do I count projects in a specific phase of development for EITHER the iceland account or iceland foods retail account? Do I need to use an OR function, if so, where in the formula does it go?

Thanks in advance!

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