How to pull in MAX Date based for "Charter Approved" and "Project Baselined" when they are 100%?

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Hey folks,

I'm looking to pull in the MAX Date for when:

• Charter Approved is Dated and 100% Complete

• Project Baselined is Dated and 100% Complete

For the screenshot below, the date pulled in should be 10/05/2021

I'm not sure if it matters but the formula is going into a Text cell.

Thank you!


  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    You might run into a hiccup here because using the MAX formula for a date requires that the result be entered in a Date field. You can see that in the usage notes here:

    Usage Notes

    • When referencing dates, you must use MAX in a Date column. See Column Types for more information on Date columns.

    The formula you're looking for should be an IF/AND statement, I think. Something like:

    =IF(AND([Percent Complete]5 = 1, [Percent Complete]9 = 1), MAX([Start Date]:[Start Date]))

    Where 5 and 9 are the row numbers for the Charter Approved and Project Baseline rows respectively.

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