Can automatic notifications from multiple sheets be sent in one email?

I have several Smartsheets with automatic notifications set up. Is there a way to send assigned individuals just one email that references all of the notifications relevant to them from all of the smartsheets?


  • Jason P
    Jason P ✭✭✭

    Hi @Sara Ross

    No, we run a large number of sheets across multiple business units but the 'assigned to' is a small group primarily made up of 5 people. Further as the licensed user all notification come from me Via Smartsheet so my name pops up a bit.

    To ease the drip feed of notification I changed a large number of them across the sheets to run at a specific time, more urgent ones as triggered. To assist individuals further I re-worded notification subject lines to be more prominent starting with the sheets name, in our case: DISPATCH - Order Staged.

    It's not ideal as at 2PM you could get up to 20 emails in one hit, were looking at ways to reduce notifications through process or other changes. Hope this helps, good luck.


    Forever forwards Backwards never.

  • Sara Ross
    Sara Ross ✭✭✭✭✭

    Thank you for the response. I sure hope Smartsheet adds this function. Part of it's appeal is the automatic notifications, but I'm afraid the benefit of the function won't be realized if individuals are inundated with emails.

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